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Search and Rescue, wildFire monitoring, Flood, Earthquake, Avalanche & More

During emergency incidents such as fire, earthquake, hurricane, flood, and search and rescue, real-time aerial imagery can be the key difference to save lives, and protect property. Imagine a drone that has been locally deployed faster than any traditional manned aircraft, flying a grid pattern over rugged terrain in poor visibility, able to locate an injured person in peril. Or a drone deployed above a wildfire, providing current fire behavior information and communications without the inherent risks of flying manned aircraft in such environments. The UASUSA Tempest is a robust system able to deliver essential information in a fast and user-friendly manner. The Tempest becomes a civil servant in the air.

Advantages include:

  • The Tempest can accomplish critical incident tasks with significant time and cost savings
  • Tempest can fly in conditions when manned aircraft cannot operate safely, including at night, low to the ground and in poor visibility/weather
  • Tempest is inexpensive to fly and easy to maintain
  • Tempest can operate with state-of-the-art sensors, communications equipment and easy to use mission control software

Tempest is an inexpensive force-multiplier for public services including:

  • Wildfire monitoring and communications
  • Flood, hurricane, and tornado victim detection and assessment
  • Search and rescue covers more ground, including critical hours at night
  • Chemical/radiological spill monitoring
  • Airborne surveillance (subject to applicable laws)


UASUSA Aircraft

The Tempest

The Tempest

The Tempest emerged from the latest trends in state-of-the-art sailplane flight profile, resulting in a sleek and streamline design. The Tempest possesses dynamic performance, something critical in the emerging civil drone market. It is fully autonomous, with point-and-click waypoints on a remote tablet, and has a very user-friendly interface.

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The Recon

The Recon

The Recon was constructed and designed to offer a clear payload view, with the motor and propeller system aft of the payload. It is smaller and more versatile than many drones, yet robust enough for harsh environment operations. The wingspan is 2.3 meters. An affordable, versatile, and flexible drone for a multitude of uses.

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