Search and Rescue, wildFire monitoring, Flood, Earthquake, Avalanche & More

During emergency incidents such as fire, earthquake, hurricane, flood, and search and rescue, real-time aerial imagery can be the key difference to save lives, and protect property. Imagine a drone that has been locally deployed faster than any traditional manned aircraft, flying a grid pattern over rugged terrain in poor visibility, able to locate an injured person in peril. Or a drone deployed above a wildfire, providing current fire behavior information and communications without the inherent risks of flying manned aircraft in such environments. The UASUSA Tempest is a robust system able to deliver essential information in a fast and user-friendly manner. The Tempest becomes a civil servant in the air.

Advantages include:

  • The Tempest can accomplish critical incident tasks with significant time and cost savings
  • Tempest can fly in conditions when manned aircraft cannot operate safely, including at night, low to the ground and in poor visibility/weather
  • Tempest is inexpensive to fly and easy to maintain
  • Tempest can operate with state-of-the-art sensors, communications equipment and easy to use mission control software

Tempest is an inexpensive force-multiplier for public services including:

  • Wildfire monitoring and communications
  • Flood, hurricane, and tornado victim detection and assessment
  • Search and rescue covers more ground, including critical hours at night
  • Chemical/radiological spill monitoring
  • Airborne surveillance (subject to applicable laws)