Environmental Studies

UASUSA's Tempest enables previously impossible or impractical data collection missions, and opportunities for environmental studies and support.

The Tempest was successfully used by the University of Colorado for their National Science Foundation's Vortex 2 project. The aircraft was flown around super-cell thunderstorms and tornados to study impacts of volatile weather.  The unique design of the Tempest allowed it to successfully accomplish several missions. 

In one study, the US Navy successfully deployed disposable UASs from the Tempest at 58,000 ft. This demonstrated high-altitude sensor capability strength of the aircraft to challenging conditions at the edge of space. 

NASA purchased the Tempest to study and assess subterranean wildfires in the Great Dismal Swamp in VA.

elephantmigrationWEBWildlife monitoring and research

The Tempest has been flown to study herd movements and habitat. It has played a vital role in tracking poachers in Africa and monitoring wildlife over large regions. The Tempest's exceptional range allows it to cover a large amount of ground.  

Fishing and fisheries

UASUSA manufactures drones that can help support the fishing industry in many ways. From tracking large schools of fish to spotting fishing poachers, our technology can supply data to aid the fishing industry. UASUSA has successfully worked with clients with requirements such as launching from a fishing boat, flying over open water, and landing in a net. 


UASUSA is working with methane sensor developers to integrate a sensitive instrument that will detect methane over landfills and leaks along pipelines. 

Water quality, wetlands and other plant communities.

UASUSA manufactures aircraft that can carry advanced sensor and photography payloads, allowing much more accurate monitoring of wetlands. Information can include plant health, moisture levels and identification of species. The sensors that can be mounted to our aircraft can give information on water quality (algae blooms, suspended sediments), water depth, flow regimes and temperatures.

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