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Our Experience

Our Experience

Skip Miller, Founder and CEO, has been creating and flying small model aircraft since a young age, and has an educational background in aeronautical engineering. Skip has been on six USA radio control soaring teams, holds numerous AMA National titles and is an expert in flying small aircraft in the 0-400 ft AGL air space. He is a former World Champion and 11 time National Champion in the sport. His award winning World Championship aircraft from South Africa is in Washington DC’s Smithsonian Air and Space museum. UASUSA has assembled a team with extremely strong skills for unmanned aircraft flight. Combined, the team has over 85 years of small aircraft experience. The end-result of this passion and collection of talent to the UAS field is a company unmatched in its price-category, quality and mission performance. UASUSA's team expertise will launch your program and projects faster with less risk.
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At UASUSA we believe unmanned aircraft systems are civil servants in the air. With a different pedigree and no resemblance to the well-known military drone, UASUSA develops and sells civilian Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) that are helping governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations resolve some of society’s biggest commercial, environmental, and scientific challenges. As with any new technology, the market is currently flooded with young companies and hobbyists selling unmanned aerial vehicles. UASUSA is confident about UASUSA’s leading edge in the drone market. UASUSA's deep experience with small UAV flight, superior autopilot and user-friendly ground controls, efficiency, performance and ability to customize aircraft result in unparalleled mission capability. UASUSA has a great solution for your group’s aerial mission needs!

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