FAA evaluates drone detection systems at DFW

Last week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and its partners conducted detection research on unmanned aircraft (UAS) — popularly called drones — at Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport.

UASUSA team - drone flights in the San Luis Valley

UASUSA flight operations team flying the Blanca Wetlands. Exploring use cases such as seasonal wetlands mapping, habitat management and water management. Thanks to UAS Colorado for your UAS advocacy efforts in the San Luis Valley. This was an incredible opportunity and experience. These are the UASUSA's first project-specific drone flights in the San Luis Valley.

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CU-Boulder Article - Tempest UAS

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), often called drones, serve an expanding number of recreational, commercial, military and scientific uses. Researches at CU-Boulder developed a UAS called "Tempest" that's meant for tough duty - flying into the heart of extreme storms called supercells to access them in all Their fury. Battery-powered and auto-piloted, the Tempest can measure tempeture relative humidity, wind speed and atmospheric pressure - and may one day help identify emerging tornadoes.

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Some Amazing News! - AMA Hall of Fame for Skip Miller

Our founder and CEO, Skip Miller, has received an incredible honor- he has been inducted into the Academy of Model Aeronautics Hall of Fame. It will be formally announced this January. Skip Miller has dedicated his life to flying RC, and to the development of both aircrafts and pilots- teaching numerous children and adults how to fly, mentoring many.

The AMA is involved in drone relations and the development of the Unmanned Aircraft industry. Click here to read more about the AMA and Drones.

NEW: Tempest DL - Vertical Takeoff and landing!

UASUSA's new Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) fixed wing aircraft is Capable of amazing things!

UASUSA is proud to introduce our new VTOL Tempest DL (Direct Lift). The Tempest DL can take off and land in small spaces and fly with the efficiency of our proven, fixed-wing Tempest. More to come..........

UASUSA's Tempest™ used by Airware for insurance purposes

By Bart Jansen , USA TODAY March 31, 2016

USA Today - Insurers adopt drones for airborne inspections 

The days of the harried insurance adjuster climbing a ladder to poke at your storm-damaged roof may soon be history as insurance companies look to drones as the new wave for property inspections.

State Farm, the first insurer to win approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to use drones commercially, has launched hundreds of experimental drone flights for routine roof inspections. If the technology works out, the company could eventually use drones to give them a bird's eye view of catastrophes.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - UASUSA to fly Commercial Drones

UASUSA LEGAL TO FLY FAA Authorization for High Performance Commercial Drones

UASUSA today announced that it had received an FAA 333 exemption for its well-proven TEMPEST™ and RECON™ commercial drones. The FAA 333 exemption allows commercial operation of drones below 400 feet above ground level, outside a five-mile radius of airports and 500 feet beyond a person or building. Skip Miller, UASUSA CEO, commented, “The exemption is important to the company as our customers are rapidly incorporating drones into their workflow and data‐capturing processes. It eases our testing and demonstration process and validates our airframe once again. A number of our customers and partners had previously received exemptions to fly the TEMPEST or RECON. Precision agriculture, power transmission line monitoring and land surveying are a few of the areas where customers are employing drones. New applications are arising each day.”

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