Data Services

UASUSA employs experts in the field of remote sensing. Our capability includes data collection, data preprocessing and data analysis.  We have experience working with a variety of sensors for many different applications. The Tempest airframe is able to handle many types of sensors and our staff has experience with integrating these sensors and customizing as needed. 

Sensor selection 

UASUSA can provide guidance on the selection of sensors appropriate for specific applications. The Tempest has flown missions carrying various cameras, multispectral sensors, magnetometers, and LiDAR. It has the capability to carry thermal infrared sensors, and we are working with hyperspectral sensor manufacturers to integrate that technology.  

Data collection

UASUSA has experience collecting data from a variety of sensors in conditions ranging from semi-arid environments to dense forests and tropical jungles. We can help plan surveys to get optimal data for different applications. 

Data processing

Not many clients have experience with analyzing remote sensing data, particularly from sophisticated sensors such as LiDAR, multispectral, and hyperspectral. UASUSA has worked on many different projects processing data from these sensors  

Information products can be generated that will allow our customers to assess current conditions and take action if needed.