Piloting Services

takingoffWEBOne of the most critical aspects of UAV operation is the pilot in command. Autopilots cannot anticipate every situation, and the pilot in command must be aware of environmental conditions, terrain conditions, system performance, system limits and integrate the information for a successful flight. A leading edge for UASUSA is the team’s extensive knowledge of small aircraft flight, and flight safety. The pilot in command must be able to take over operation of the aircraft, and safely takeoff or land. 

  • UAS-USA offers full pilot services so your program and mission will take off on schedule, minimizing pilot in command errors
  • Dedicated training service will support your program and help train individuals to fly and monitor the drones successfully*.
  • With changing FAA regulations, the need for a line-of-sight pilot that is experienced is critical. UASUSA has the leading piloting team to support your mission.

*Subject to FAA rules